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My Background

 With over 10 years experience in the wellness industry, Cassie started out as a vitamin and holistic body care specialist for a local California business. There she learned a wealth of knowledge about healthy living and wellness. In 2014, she tuned into her life purpose as a healer and attended The Healing Arts Institute to become a massage therapist. Her first job as a massage therapist was at a popular spa. She quickly became the most requested therapist with her schedule always full, she had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of bodies with different aliments. Opening up Vibrant Wellness soon after.  Cassie now offers her knowledge and skills to those seeking healing through body work. As of 2022, Vibrant Wellness has evolved into a mobile massage service expanding on the idea of relaxation & quality service. Gone are the days of driving home after your massage. Now you can stay in your relaxed-post massage state of mind. In-home massage is now available in the Ojai Valley and Ventura.. Her curiosity for more knowledge and dedication to the healing arts she still continues her education through courses and reading materials on wellness, massage and meditation. You can read more about this in her blog. 


My Approach

Massage should feel like coming home, a familiar yet expansive state that allows you to naturally let go of pain and discomfort. The body and mind speak to each other through pathways in the nervous system and as we listen to the body, we follow its lead. Treating the whole being not just one specific area and never working against the natural process or forcing deep pressure. Massage is a healing art, a collaboration between the giver and the receiver creating space for transformation in the mind, body and spirit. 

Calm Sea
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