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What is Holistic Massage?



  1. Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are interconnected and can be explained only by reference to the whole.

  2. Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of an illness.

As a Holistic massage therapist I bring the best part of myself to each session so we can co-create an elevated 'wholistic' experience together. Although I encourage you to share your knowledge of self with me for a full picture view, there is a silent communication going on between your body through the medium of touch. By reading the body I'm meeting you where you are at in that very moment while having access to your history through posture, range of motion, muscle texture and the expression lines on your face.

A beautiful quote from Deans Juhan.

“Touching hands are…like flashlights in a darkened room. The medicine they administer is self-awareness. And for many of our painful conditions, this is the aid most urgently needed.”

The vibrant wellness signature massage is a head to toe, holistic massage that focuses on the individual as a whole (Mind, Body & Spirit). The use of thoughtful, skilled touch will feel healing, complete, and will activate your parasympathetic system.

By having access to the entire body we can release tension in the back, through reflexology points in the feet. A delicious scalp massage can melt every part of your body and stops racing thoughts in they’re tracks. Lymphatic Drainage can empower the immune system or Gua Sha facial massage that will unlock your inner beauty.

The power of touch can release unprocessed emotion that are stored in the body. This is what I call “storing your issues in your tissues”. Releasing stored emotions can sometimes look like, a memory that pop's up during your massage, sudden crying or intense emotions like fear, anger or sadness. But it can also a be a Aha! moment of clarity or letting go, with love. This can happen on the table or even days later. This is the body connecting with the mind through stored emotions. I recommend spending time in reflection when theses moments come up, this will allow you to have a deeper connection with your body and self.

When we take care of ourselves and show ourselves love through self care, we align more with our life path, our Dharma. We can then show up more for our family, friends and communities. This has a compound affect on our society and future.

This approach to massage is very different than the one at a chiropractors office, physical therapist office or other spa's where they focus only on the point of the body where you are feeling discomfort, leaving the rest of the body untouched or skimmed over. There is value in that type of massage for acute conditions or if that is your preference in massage type. But I would encourage you to try a holistic massage you might find that your body is able to relax more while feeling a deeper sense of wellness weeks later.

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