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MLD: Manual Lymphatic Drainage

What is the Lymphatic system & why should I get MLD Massage?

Lymphatic Drainage

What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system plays a huge roll in our immune system, how healthy we are & how we get rid of toxins. Are you ready to dive in? There is a lot to understand about the lymphatic system!

The Lymphatic system is in charge of cleansing & purifying the body's fluid. It is composed of several part, including the lymph vessels, nodes & organs, as well as the lymph itself, the fluid inside the lymphatic system.

Lymph vessels collect excess fluid, foreign particles, and other materials from the body's tissue & cells, filter them, and return the cleansed fluid to the blood stream. The vessels are found in all parts of the body except the central nervous system, bone, cartilage & teeth.

Lymph capillaries, the smallest vessels, run alongside the body's arteries & veins. The walls of the lymph capillaries are very think & permeable, so large molecules & particles, including bacteria, enter the lymph rather than the blood capillaries.

Lymph nodes or glands lie along various points on the lymph pathways around the arteries & close to the surface of the skin in the groin, armpits & neck. A lymph node acts as a clearinghouse, filtering the lymph & destroying the foreign particles within it. As lymph leave the node, it also picks up lymphocytes & antibodies, protein substances that inactivate foreign particles. - Cyndi Dale author of The Subtle Body an Encyclopedia of your energetic body.

Unlike the heart within cardiovascular system that continuously pumps blood through blood vessels, the lymphatic system does not have a pump. It's completely dependent on the movement of the body to transport fluid through the lymphatic system. So if you have a more sedentary lifestyle like working long hours at a desk you may have old lymph fluid backed up, causing low energy, low cell function, inflammation,swelling, sickness & toxic build up.

Who can Benefit?

- Lymphedema

- Fibromyalgia

- Swelling or Edema

- Skin disorders

- Fatigue

- Insomnia

- Stress

- Digestive problems

- Arthritis

- Migraine episodes

- Detox

What to expect in a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Trained in The Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), this type of massage uses gentle, rhythmic, pumping movements that follow the direction of the lymph flow to produce rapid results. Lymphatic drainage is a uni-directional manual manipulation that assist in moving fluid out of your tissue into the lymph nodes where bacteria, viruses and harmful microorganism are made over, quarantined or destroyed. Healthy lymph flow = healthy vibrant body.

We always start each session with dry brushing the entire body, a great lymphatic tool, that gently awakens the lymphatic saying "Hey, let's get started on some deeper work." Followed by deep lymphatic breathes. Next step in awakening the lymphatic system is pumping the nodes at the main drainage points, groin, neck & armpits. This process let us feel if the nodes swollen or backed up. From there we start the MLD working head to toe. Some facial Gua Sha is incorporated into the face & neck to help with any skin issue & to give the face vitality. In addition, I like to add in abdominal massage. Abdominal massage is AMAZING! Its soothing, relaxing & productive. Massaging clockwise to follow the direction of the intestines gently yet effectively moves old waste to be eliminated. Having old waste in your colon is hazardous to your health. lastly we end with a short but yummy back massage to complete the massage. Depending on the severity of your symptoms this can be a 60 or 90 minute treatment.

At home lymphatic self care:

Dry brushing has huge health benefits! The key is to do it often so putting your dry brush where you will remember to use it- like hanging next to your shower.

Gua Sha or Jade rolling can be quick yet effective in moving lymph to decrease puffiness in the face.

Deep lymphatic breathing is when you take a deep slow inhale through your nose expanding your belling out then exhaling slowly through your nose. A few of these & you will be moving lymph!

Use gravity for your legs. by laying down with your legs above your heart. You can use a large wedge bolster, place your legs on a wall while laying on your back or do a handstand! This will drain your legs & reduce swelling.

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