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Body Scan Meditation.

The body scan meditation is a mindfulness meditation for relaxation. You will focus on your breath while bringing awareness to each body part, one area at a time. Starting at your feet and moving all the way up to your head. Moving slow and mindfully you will start to tap into each area of the body and really feel it, notice what it feels like physically and emotionally, notice what comes up, without judgment. I will say it again because it’s so crucial to the process, without judgment. Be kind to yourself. Thoughts, emotions & especially your story linked to your pain will come up. That can sound like “my back hurts because of work, work is so stressful…” or “my arthritis is so bad and I’m sad that it prevents me from doing more of what I love..” Try not to attach yourself to the story that is coming up for you and if it  does refocus on your breath and start where you left off in the meditation.

Body Scan Meditation

step by step.

1.Get comfortable by lying down using a pillow behind the head and knees for extra support or wherever feels best.

2. Take 3 cleansing breathes. I like to use the box breathing method. Breathing in for 4 seconds. Holding in for 4 seconds at the top of your breathe before releasing for 4 seconds. Holding for another 4 seconds before taking another deep breath in for 4 seconds.

3. Start at your feet and silently say I am relaxing my feet. My feet are relaxing into bed. I am relaxing my toes. My toes are relaxing into the bed. My feet are now relaxed, my toes are relaxed. Taking your time and once you feel ready, move up the body to your ankles, calfs, knees and so on.

4. Taking special time around the face and head. Relaxing your; mouth and jaw, releasing your tongue from the roof of your mouth, relaxing your forehead, brow, cheeks and eyelids, relaxing your entire face and neck.

5. Once you have completed your body scan you can close the session by envisioning a bright golden light that surrounds your entire body, protecting you and keeping your safe. Stay there as long as you would like.

6. Slowing wiggle your toes and fingers, blink your eyes open and enjoy the benefits of meditation throughout your day!

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